A handful of unbelievable facts all about sport involvement in business.

The next article will discuss some cases of sports teams that were built by businesses.

Most people do not think about how sports institutions and teams are formed, but it is actually a very fascinating topic. There are plenty of weird random facts surrounding the formation of quite a few teams, but there is a great example in Germany. The US activist investor in Bayer, has invested into a company that helped form one of Germany’s excellent football teams. The team contains the name of the company in their crest, which is in between two red lions. The team has a long history and was created early in the 20th century. Whilst the club is not the most successful in the league, they have always been very competitive, mainly in the cup competitions. It's strange to believe that a pharmaceutical business would form a football club, but it nonetheless is an amazing but true fact. The company most likely formed the team as a way to incorporate fitness into the workplace, but it has now grown into so much more than that.

A famous energy drink brand has made a big stir in the German football leagues. The drinks brand has a big interest in sports teams and owns a handful of football teams; nevertheless, the German club they are involved in is the most exciting. The club has made its way up the German leagues, and today sits in the leading league. Since their formation in 2009 they have been promoted four times, which is an incredible rise. The leading shareholder in Red Bull would be happy to see this progression, as it works well as an marketing and advertising campaign. The club causes some debate in amongst football fans, as it's such an unfamiliar club, but it is true that every team must begin somewhere! Not every club can actually have a long historical past, but this German team indeed does have a strange but true history, and one that will create success in the coming years.

The Dutch enjoy their football and it is not unexpected considering they produce some of the greatest footballers and teams. Dutch soccer was known in the 70’s for being so extremely dynamic and effective, but it is still exciting today. The most interesting facts in Dutch football normally all follow one player, who helped alter modern day football completely. A leading investor in Phillips will be quite aware of how close their link is with the team from Eindhoven. The club is among the most effective to ever play in the Dutch league and they are one of the ‘big three’ clubs. The rivalry between the big three teams is huge and founded some of the greatest atmospheres in the world. If you really want to watch competitive football with incredible atmospheres, then it's somewhere you actually have to visit.

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